Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Do List

I am a big fan of to-do lists. These days there are always four or five different scraps of paper circulating about the house with various tasks on them and I can never quite seem to get them all in one place. This project solved that problem and it looks awesome on the fridge, too!

You need to have:
-Cardstock or some kind of thick paper (I used posterboard)
-Sticky notes
-A pencil
-A permanent marker

 I chose these post-its because they are made in the USA,
and the local movement is extremely important to me.
(As is avoiding anything made in China like the plague.)

You need to do:
1) Trace the sticky note pad the number of times you want as to-do items. I chose nine because and know I will always be able to fill it up, but you could choose any number, really.

2) Add a bigger square around the trace of the post-it to leave room for decorative doodling.
3) Add a rectangle up top with room for a title and a spot for a sticky note designating when you want your tasks done by.
4) Go over everything with permanent maker.
5) Fill up the title rectangle with something pretty.

6) Write yourself some post-its and get going on your to-dos!


I hung mine on my fridge with magnets but you could easily put this anywhere.

Also, just a note, post-it notes ARE RECYCLABLE! So please don't throw them in the trash! 

Happy to-do-ing!

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